There’s something about little projects that’s uniquely fun. It’s a challenge to have few options, limited research, and no time. At Allen & Gerritsen, I wrote a bazillion briefs for Papa Gino’s under those constraints. The one that follows is a favorite.

Like all pizza chains, Papa Gino’s runs continual promos. It’s incredibly difficult to make them stand out - especially the one in this case, which was worse than most competitive offers. 

So I tried something. Focus groups showed Papa Gino’s customers felt the restaurant offered better quality than its big chain competitors. Using that simple insight, I reframed the conversation to focus on value over price.

Strategy: "It’s only a great deal if it’s great pizza."

I don’t have the radio we produced for this little campaign, but this page has a different Papa Gino's spot we did.


This is a long story, but here’s the jist. 

At Digitas, we helped Goodyear become the first tire manufacturer in the world to sell tires online. This involved way more than a website. It required changing a consumer behavior that’s existed since the advent of cars: go to your tire guy, buy tires based on his recommendation, get them installed there, and then forget about it for years until you need to do it again. 

Goodyear wanted you to make that expensive, infrequent, and confusing purchase from your living room. Yes, there are online retailers, but they had a tiny part of the market. We had the chance to lead the way.

Yada yada, we did it. Proved the concept too. Now the other manufacturers are following suit.